I Love….Creative Dining

Imagedon’t you feel like you are looking through the window of a friend or families back dining room door? they just sat down for a family dinner. you can smell the roast chicken, taste the savory wine, and hear the giggles of the kids as they feed the dog under the table.it feels cozy, it feels inviting, yet it feels sophisticated.
this is exactly how you feel when you are at thames street kitchen (tsk) .

i had wanted to try tsk for so long, but never found the right occasion for it to be right. this night, was the night.
Greg and I bundled up, me in my furs and curls. i was ready for the big date.

tsk has one of the best atmosphere’s that i have ever been in. not just restaurant wise. being in there, the energy, the aromas, the noises, the sights.. are all just  truly indescribable, it is phenomenal.  it makes you feel like you are in an art gallery, and that you are part of this art exhibit. it feels like you are a a bit of art. a bit hesitant on what the next step will be, but excited to see the result.

every detail is so precisely thought of. every small vase, every plant of basil, every artwork on the wall. it is meant to be there. the room is  very small and intimate , and while it certainly is classy, you still feel very relaxed, as if you are not even out to eat. part of this could be due to the fact that it is BYOB. yes, this is crucial.

another crucial factor, in its successes and uniqueness, is the ownership/chefs. they are 2 couples from nyc (siblings and spouses) and they decided to return to their childhood home to open this restaurant. one of my favorite parts of tsk is it’s unique menu. the menu is constantly changing and you can expect to see something new every few weeks. it is Newport’s first “farm to table” which is exciting. Newport needed a restaurant like this for a long time.

the last part aspect that made me truly have googly eyes, was their presentation of their dishes. through large picture windows, you can see the chefs preparing your food for you. each dish, is truly a piece of art. you felt almost guilty eating it, but you also know the talent and soul that the chefs put in. i have never felt so much creative energy from a restaurant.

Greg and i indulged in many small tapas types meals, which I guess is atypical for their menu, however we went on opening weekend for the season.  we were adventerous, we tried lots of new things. we ate too much. we drank just the perfect amount.and yes, the chocolate chip cookies took 10 minutes, because they were in the oven. what is better than that?

the night was nothing short of fabulous. thank you tsk, you have made me fall in love.

for more on our experience, check out my yelp review.










(picture 1): sqaub/gnocci/cabbage/caramelized onion (picture 2): pork/apple/pistachio (picture 3): flounder/ black radish (picture 4): homemade chocolate chip cookies and homemade mint icecream (picture 5): herbs in the resturaunt (picture 6): our choice of wine


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