I Know…. That I want to spend more time in San Fransisco

Greg and I had a 10 Hour Layover on our Way to New Zealand (you will have a to wait a bit for those posts). Fortunately, the layover was in San Fran.. somewhere I have always dreamed of going. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see that much. Just another reason to add it to my Bucket List, to go back to!

We landed and took the BART system into town… it was so cheap and easy to use! Anyone with a layover I would highly recommend it. We were going to get on a cable car.. but the wait was over an hour! So given our limited amount of time… we just hiked and hiked and hiked. Hiking, in a city? You may ask. San Fran is all hills. That is it. We probably walked 5 miles, but up the steepest hills, and down the most dangerous slopes. It was an adventure, it was exciting. And it was exhausting! We loved it and I am so happy that we were able to have our layover here! It was the perfect pitstop on our own rendition of “The Amazing Race”. That is literally what it felt like.

Things We Saw:

  • Bits of China town… but there are still more to see.
  • Bits of the North Beach area… but still more to see.
  • Fisherman’s wharf… with a side of fish and chips and sour dough!
  • Telegraph hill… we saw it.. but it was closed!
  • Pier 39. SEA LIONS. WOW.
  • Lombardo Street. DIZZY MUCH?
  • Financial District
  • Filbert Steps

Thins I want to go back to See:

  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • More of China Town
  • More of North Beach
  • Telegraph Hill
  • Ghiradelli Square
  • Buena Vista Cafe
  • Local sourdough shop
  • Napa Valley
  • Full House Filming house
  • Silicon Valley

Right behind Telegraph Hill, We found the coolest neighborhood, all connected by stairways. Each house had the cutest gardens, trees. I loved walking around and getting peeks into their lives.

IMG_1821 IMG_1818 the three pictures above are of our walk down telegraph hill on the Filbert steps. They were beautiful lookins to the peoples lives… we kept wondering… what happens if they break a leg? How do they get to their houses? They had to take easily 200 steps just to get to their front door… which anyone can walk right on by! It was a beautiful walk, with stunning views of the Bay Bridge. It was like secret gardens where we could get a glimpse of someones life. IMG_1808 IMG_1805  just mosying around and seeing the city. IMG_1803 IMG_1802 IMG_1796 IMG_1792 IMG_1790pier 39. it was INSANE. Sea lions were remarkable, very loud. it certainly was all tourists, but it is a must see. I have never seen a sea lion before.. nevermind hundreds! they BARK! Given more time, pier 39 would be a really fun place to people watch.  IMG_1782 IMG_1780  IMG_1778       IMG_1766Fisherman’s wharf. It was great people watching, and just a very lively, energetic, fun, young area! IMG_1763  IMG_1751 Lombard Street! IMG_1742 IMG_1735  IMG_0466 what we found at the airport! Is it legal in CA? IMG_0465  san fran airport has this amazing feature called Freshen Up… where you can pay$15, get a towel, shampoo/conditioner, and a 1 hr long shower and chair massage! After walking around for 10 hours and before our 15 hour flight… this was the best thing we did all day! IMG_0463     the hills were really bad. greg was kind enough to take my hikers backpack on some of them…. he was questioning why i brought so much! Our phones also died very quickly… so we used Jono’s external battery charger while walking! It was the best gift ever! We used it all throughout our trip



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