I know… That I love Newport in the winter

I hadn’t seen my besty Mikaela for a few months. Without her, I am not myself. With her, I am too much myself. We wandered around Newport, and I had an inclination that The Wharf Pub  was where we needed to be. My inclination was more than right.

With Thursday night Bingo, a cozy room of dark wood, quirky bartenders, and lots of mason jars.. it was close to heaven. What made it absolute heaven, was what came next.   A menu of tatertots. We both got the “Pig Pen” with bacon wrapped tater tots, in a cheese sauce. Please pick up your jaw now from watering. In addition, Mikaela had a wide selection of her fav “tall boys”. It was charming, local, and perfect remedy to a long week of work (for me),  and the start to a new year with my besty.

IMG_0175IMG_0177 IMG_0165IMG_0176IMG_0174    IMG_0171  IMG_0173


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