I ask…What defines a bad day?

For the most part,  my days go exceptionally well. I rarely have complaints, and I am generally always happy. I would even add that when I do have a bad day, I still am happy. I will get frustrated, but I am always aware of the light at the end of the tunnel… I know not to let myself get down about it. Waking up yesterday, I should of seen the signs of light that it was going to be a really bad day. I should of changed my perspective before it even started.

Consider the thought of what defines a bad day….. What defines a good day? Obviously these definitions are very different for each individual. For a homeless person, a good day may be eating and showering, while for me, it means being around the ones  I love, which if I don’t want to be, then being around no one.  Obviously one good day may be better than other good days, but they are still marked with the thumbs up. For me, a bad day is typically defined when things don’t go as planned. When something unexpected happens and it has a negative consequence on my life, especially ones that are out of my control. Ie., yesterday,  when I set my alarm for 30 minutes early but couldn’t remember why, when I wore my uggs out of the house and forgot my flats at home, when I packed a lunch and left it at home, consequently spending $15 on a bad lunch, when my boss asked for a project before my other teammembers could review it, when the ETS charged me an extra $400 and I argued on the phone crying for an hour, when my patient died, oh, and when I had to go to three gas stations on the way home to fill up with gas before the storm. Now that, is a bad day. This all couldn’t happen spread out in a week, but no, it all had to happen on this random Tuesday. Looking for an explanation, I turned to my horoscope. My horoscope seems to always justify my thoughts, behaviors, and actions, as sometimes I can’t handle taking that much responsibility for my own life.



Right? I mean… it hit the head on the nail. Thank you Gemini, Thank you for explaining why today went the way it did. For no one will ever truly know.

You need to look the bad day, or the bad event, or the unforgiving circumstance in that moment, and be able to get over it. Be able to pick yourself up and move on to the next moment, because I promise you it will be better. You will have this bad day, or a bad week, or a bad month… but what about all the good ones you had before it? What about all the awesome things that led you to where you are now? Defining something as good, bad, or easy or hard, or black and white… its all about perspective. It is all about attitude. You can only let the bad day ruin your next one by thinking so. You can control your thoughts, which can control how you see your life. Yes, you need to feel upset, frustrated and annoyed in that bad moment, on that bad day. But why let it ruin the rest of your day? Why let it ruin those around you? Have that bad moment, savor that bad moment… but then move on. Be ready for the next with an accepting mind.

Waking up today, I was nervous. I had a dream that Taylor Swift and I were best friends (which tends to happen a lot), and I woke up not being friends with her. I will tell you, that is a bad dream. But I did not let it indicate my day. I did not let the Storm Boreas effect my commute or my day. Allow your mind to be open and free, never persisting the negative energy from the past to the present. Refresh and restart. Just as today is a new day, right now is a new moment. Don’t let it be wasted on negative energy.


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