I know… the only things to matter is the moment

Any moment that I have panic, anxiety, or worry, I have to sit back and breathe. Then the world unfolds, it makes more sense, and it is simplified. Nothing is worth the stirring of negative energy within your spirit. You can’t let anything take over you like that. Nothing is worth it. This is your life, you direct it. You direct what you feel and what emotions and thoguhts you let take you over.

There are many songs that come on on Pandora, that make me breathe. Stop and Breathe.. this song by Patrick O’Hearn is the most recent one. It makes me stop what I am doing, and not think.

In addition, you can’t see the beauty of the earth and have any negative thoughts. Viewing this video will assuage any persitant bugs in your mind, quiet any negative thoughts or worries. We live in a beautiful world.


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