I know.. This was an Idyllic Weekend in Burlington VT

On the First weekend in August, the Meehan family and myself journeyed up to Burlington, VT for a wedding of their family friend Nick. I had been to Burlington once before, when I toured UVM with my dad. He purposely had us go in the middle of January, so that I would experience it in its coldest. Despite the -15 degree weather that weekend, I fell in love with the city. Now, returning as an adult, and in the summer, I fell in love all over again.

The culture, atmosphere, and persona that you become when in the Green State, is indescribable. The mentality of simpleness, wholeness, and organic seeps from  the brick buildings, the trendy stores, and unique restaurants. Just people watching for 10 minutes will make you feel as if you have left one world, and entered another. It truly is an interesting experience. It is the quintessential New England town, with the spunky edge of people who may not fit in anywhere else. It is the heavens for those with eclectic art, music, and food desires.

We shopped, we imbibed, we ate lots of food.


Church Street


Church Street


Summer in Church St


Ironic Stamp from the bar the night before


Beautiful Lake Champlain


Docks of Lake Champlain


Sunset on Lake Champlain


Sunset on Lake Champlain


Sunset on Lake Champlain


Sunset on Lake Champlain


Sunset on Lake Champlain


Bicycle Parade!





Greg and I

After a wonderful night in Burlington, I ran 3 miles into town to get the car. At 8am, the city was desolate. I took advantage to walk around and observe the town without the crowd. The simple beauty is picturesque, romantic, and intimate.

The wedding was in South Hero, just 30 minutes north of Burlington. It was your pinterest inspired, rustic, unbelievable wedding. The celebration was beautiful and the night was magical.

12970_10200516557424940_1898691159_n1098020_10200509847257190_727149925_n998063_10200510059422494_216773726_n945946_10200509958859980_1579760031_n282815_10200510230746777_940055091_n1098040_10200516557624945_1413634019_n1146565_10200516561945053_592218310_n601951_10200516561705047_470096711_n988279_10200516561505042_431168025_n282808_10200516567385189_914887717_n1012231_10200516567025180_1726422286_n       1098527_10200516563105082_1925203172_n563036_10200516565945153_1143359648_n


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