I ask.. what does it mean when the world opens up?

It’s always those unexpected days that really make you feel powerful, motivated, innovative. There’s always someone to teach you lessons, to open up a new door to your life.

In my line of work, I meet many people daily, and everybody has something that they think is extremely important, some lesson to pass on.  A lot of these i store in my head, sometimes i implement them, and rarely, but it does happen that they are life changing.  Today was one of those life changing ones that capitulated my spontaneous energy, resurrected my creative mindset and took my life to a whole new level.

It inspired me, it liberated me. it progressed me to look more into my passions.

The feeling of energy that you have when this happens, I wish I could capture it in a ball.  The curiousity. The excitement. The whirl of emotions. what happened today brought that to me and encouraged me to broaden my horizons. This is a life changing day.  Does it matter what it was? Does it matter that one day it could be as simple as someone buying a coffee for you, or the next day you land your dream job? Because I’m sure tomorrow I’m gonna go back to the same old and to the same routine and forget about this feeling….but that is why I am writing it. I don’t know when this will happen next, and I want to capture this feeling. I want to bring it all together and I want to make sense of it.

The question is how can i find this energy in something  that my “career” is in? How can I make it my future? how can I make it me?

i think partially today was because something happened that was a dream come true, its something I’ve always envisioned and this “dream” was exactly as I’ve imagined it… the excitement, the creativeness….. i need to take this and carry it on with me.. never forget about this and never do anything that DOESN’T make me feel like this, at least for too long.

It all goes back to my life philosphy. Stop yourself, and ask. “Does this decision make me happier in life?” If not…. Don’t do it!


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