I know…Food For Thought

So I recently became a healthier eater. Many of my friends would still say I am not. But I swear, besides sugar/chocolate… I have cut out 99% of the crappy food that used to make up 100% of my meals. In a nutshell, I try not to eat any food that is processed, that and no red meat are really the only two major rules I go by.  And believe me, I know that cheez-its, tostitos, and golfish are processed… but I didn’t say I had mastered this mindset. I just really try hard to limit what goes in my body. Also,  While I would like to be fully organic, I admit, because there is no organic/green grocery store near my house, I do not buy everything organic. With that being said, I buy anything I can.

Interestingly enough, now that I have cut the amount of cheez-its/goldfish/tostitos that I eat in half, and eliminated oreos/cookies/easymac/ ramen/red meat/chips…. basically anything not homemade, out of my diet… I really don’t miss any of it (Except on Fat, F*** it Friday, where I will buy one small bag of chips).  I really feel so healthy. I think because the processed foods have so many chemicals/ refined flavoring, that you jsut eat  eat eat, and then feel like grubby lard afterwards. And honestly, I would never notice unless I actively tried to stop eating such. Which I have, which is why I have noticed. It is a conscious choice every day. However, unless I have seen what goes into what I am eating (homemade sauces, homemade mac and cheese, homemade cookies), then I am very weary about the portions that I take in.

Now, I wouldn’t necessarily say that I am healthy. There is a big difference between eating healthier and eating healthy. But it is a slow process. I do have at least 1 serving of vegetables, and 5 servings of fruit each day. So yes, it is healthy. However, I still refuse to eat salads.

Thus, in my endeavors of trying new foods (oh, did I mention, I am the pickiest eater alive??), I started to try fish. A little background information…. before my sophomore year of college, I didn’t eat: pineapple, meat sauce, hamburgers, english muffins, bananas lasagna, asparagus, cauliflower, spinach, tomatoes, quesadillas. I lived on solely cheese and crackers, steak, chicken fingers, and mac and cheese.  And ice cream, lots of ice cream. HOW BORING! And no it’s not because of any old reason, it was because I sworeeeee I didn’t like it. In reality, I never gave them a fair chance. I now will eat all of those foods, and they actually make up a significant portion of my diet.

So, I now am one for trying new things. Last night I tried mushrooms (ick), and just this past 6 months, I had fish. I kind of forced myself to try Fish since I know it is so good for you. In my line of work, it is all you hear about is all of the benefits. Thus, I now love fish.

So I found this amazing blog, that I spend way too much time reading… (The Wily Hound) and found this recipe for fish….The RECIPE. Follow below for my pictures of the process!

At this great fish market in Middletown, RI, Anthony’s. The freshest fish in town! So yummy!
$15 of fish…. it doesn’t come cheap when it’s fresh!
Sliced, with some salt, pepper and olive oil. I wasn’t sure how to put the olive oil on, I think next time I need to use a paint brush of some sorts.
The recipe called for breadcrumbs, but I always prefer RITZ.
Ritz, butter and lemon mixed together.
Ritz layered onto the fish. I should have made the RITZ a little bit smaller.
Next step: Wine, olive oil, butter, lemon.
Fresh tomatoes and spinach!

Veggies in wine sauce. I either didn’t let the wine evaporate enough, or put too much in. It didn’t make it taste bad at all, but I definitely would use less next time.
Finished Fish and Tomatos and Spinach in Wine Sauce. AMAZING. That is all.
Nothing better then to finish  off the amazing meal with a glass of wine.
As I was enjoying this great meal… I noticed this horrid smell. I had left a pot holder on the stove and it burned/melted completely.
And ruined the stove….

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