I know…. these are my new roomates

Life Update: I am sitting in the basement of my parents house, 9 months out of college. I have a really good job at Brown Medical School, an amazing boyfriend of 4 years, and am still connected with my college friends, even moreso than when in college. I am running a half marathon this weekend, and I hate to run. I still have NO idea what I want to do with my life, where I want to be in 5 years, or where I want to retire. And it still scares me, but life goes on. 

My new roommates are pretty awesome, they pay my rent, do my laundry, pay the bills. The only thing they don’t do is cook, pay for gas, or clean their house (they hired someone named “KIMBA” aka me, to come every Sunday). They yelled at me for going out too much this summer, and I therefore stopped going out totally (unless I go to Boston). It’s a decent deal. I got a brand new bedroom with a closet double the size as my childhood room upstairs. My roommates are my parents, and I am not ashamed to admit it. 

For one to say it’s an easy transition to be 22 years old, they are lying. For one to say it’s an easy transition from being in college to working in general, they are lying. Now factor in new roomates/parents, and your whole life is upside down. While it doesn’t make sense for me to move out (I don’t really keep in touch with anyone here unfortunately, and by living at home I can save money to travel), it definitely wears one out. 

There is a loss of Independence, a loss of remembering what your own life is like, or knowing that you can even have your OWN life M-F. Independence only comes Fri from 5pm- Sun at 6pm (we have a family dinner every sunday night).  There is a loss of not having any time to do anything but work and eat. When talking with most other friends, they feel the same way. Is this what post-grad life is like? Is this what we have to look forward to for the next 50 years until retirement? I think so. I just think we learn to look at it a different way. We learn to accept this as our new now.

Thus, reflecting on my college days, I don’t necessarily wish I was still there. Working is truly invaluable and I learn so much about myself, my colleagues, my career, my field that a book/classroom certainly cannot teach you. I know staying in college longer won’t make anyone happy, it’s about accepting what you are doing now. The one thing about college I would bring back is the social aspect, the aspect of always having a sister to snuggle with, or a friend to talk to. 

Growing up is part of that, part of losing people, gaining interests, losing time… you just need to find a way to make it feel right.

One plus of moving home, is that I got to move out of my closet of a bedroom, and have the whole basement to myself! The room in the basement used to be an office, so it is lined with bookshelves! I have taken to decorate each bookshelf a different theme. Enjoy!

My Collegiate Life: Sorority! AXO
My own pictures
My Mini Library…..



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