I Know… my heart will remember DC (Part 1)

Greg and I had been looking for a vacation…. I wanted a beach, he wanted “history”. Look at where we ended up. Only to find out that he doesn’t like museums as much as he thought he did, and that DC is freezing in February.

Here are the pictures of our adventure, split up by activity… not necessarily day.

We stayed at the Capital Hilton, which was nice but average. The best part about it was the location! We took an early flight which only took about an hour, and wandered for lunch. Read a full list of where we ate, and our reviews on my DC Yelp Page.

IMG_0046 IMG_0047 IMG_0056 IMG_0052

On one cold, very cold, wet day, we went to the Arlington Cemetery. It was very easy to get to and didn’t take much time. We luckily were able to see the changing of the guards.

IMG_0134 IMG_0131 IMG_0125 IMG_0120 IMG_0110 IMG_0097 IMG_0094

We Spent a lot of time just mosying around, looking at the buildings, the architecture… and trying

IMG_0092 IMG_0085 IMG_0083 IMG_0080 IMG_0077 IMG_0063 IMG_0062

 IMG_0319 IMG_0316


I met up with my Bestie, Mikaela, who goes to school in Richmond. We were tourists and went to the top of the Post Office. It is free, and very unique and cool. It gave the most interesting views of the city… the build

IMG_0158 IMG_0157 IMG_0149 IMG_0148 IMG_0147 IMG_0145


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