I know…Gee.. its not brain surgery…

The human brain, then, is the most complicated organization of matter that we know.”

 GEE, ITS NOT BRAIN SURGERY. That is a common proverb when you are attempting to do something that is easy, but it comes off as it being a complicated task. Such as,  writing a 1 page essay, or trying to put together a desk from IKEA. It is a common saying to give someone a hard time, or to make someone feel worse about themselves. But what if your a brain surgeon, and it really is brain surgery? What do you compare it to, rocket science? What does the rocket scientist compare it to?

This past week I observed two brain surgeries and realized I NEVER want to be a brain surgeon (or a surgeon). It truly fascinates me, observing and learning about the process, and viewing surgery as an art (yes, I am calling someones gray matter (or brains) an art), because it was blissfully and unexpectedly beautiful.  It has a rhythm that after watching, assuages me that some people are meant to be brain surgeons. It is a natural ability, just as one’s ability to preform art.

   Some people have that technical mindset that visualizes the interworkings of the brain, and how to re-wire it. But it is also very challenging, I mean, no stress if you mess up right? But to them it becomes a process, just as if your job was to enter data into excel spread sheets, there is to take saws to brain. And I am sure they make mistakes.

What surprised me and excited me most was the beauty of the techniques. I am not saying that human flesh is beautiful, it honestly crosses my mind everytime I eat meat now…. but the techniques and creativity involved in the surgery aspect was absolutely astounding. I think any artist should observe brain surgery, as the crudeness yet beauty and pristineness and intricacy makes it in fact, extremely artful.


Minds are simply what brains do.”


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