I know…Lessons from Dele

Taking organic chemistry, people are usually in pain. Part of the reason my class is so pain-less this summer, is because of our professor Dr. Dele. Although I am not a student at the Universtiy that I am taking summer classes at, I have grown a fond liking to my teacher. The first week of classes he comes in with a thick nigerian accent, sandals that look fresh off the beach, and a hawaiin shirt. This trend was not only for mere first apperances, his wardrobe seems to ONLY consist of Hawaiian shirts. My first thoughts: SWEET! my second thoughts: shit..  I wont be able to understand him, and he will be confusing all surfer dude!

None of my first nor final thoughts have been accurate. So far Dr. Dele has been an amazing organic chemistry teacher, but he has been an even better philosophy teacher. Most teachers start rants that are endless, useless, and have no IMPORTANCE or RELEVANCE to our lives. Deles rants are astounding. As soon as he starts one I hurridly throw around my crap in my back to look for my little black planner, where i have designated the calendar month of July for Dele philosophy lessons. 

The first and so far most inspiring dele lesson has been about motivation and willingness. The summary of this specific rant was that if you do not open your mind to what you do, you make a barrier in your mind, and you will never be able to fully overcome the barrier. No matter when this barrier is made, it will always be impossible to fully jump over it. If one tells themselves that it is difficult, you are already creating a barrier. Who cares what other people have said.. it is similar to when meeting new people. If you go in to a new friendship with predjudices and gossip, you will view the person differently than who they really are, or than what your opinion is. The same thing can be applied anywhere in life.

Deles advice? Open your eyes, accept what it is, and throw away the predjuces.

Every opinion, every choice, every friendship, has to do with your mind. By going into a friendship with a predjudice, you are not giving the individual a fair chance. This goes even for the 2930423th time meeting someone. For example, when I am nervous, I come off as a bitch, I am not going to lie. If people always base their first impression on me, I would be left friendless.

Deles final words? Open your eyes, remove all predjuces and gossip from view, and remove the barrier. Allow your mind to control its own space and make its own feelings and decisions.


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