I ask… Is this The new beginning?

So blogging was something I did when I was about 14, and wrote about what boys were cute, or more so what boys I fantasized from far away, because come on, boys were never interested in the blogger geek. It is a bit weird getting back into the blogging world, I feel so naive and that I have so much more to catch up on. The real question is- who cares what I have to say? Who cares my thoughts? Probably no one, but one day, I will be glad I did this. One day, This blog will make a difference. 

For my first blog, I guess I will just summarize who I am. Because well, this blog is mine and I can do whatever I want.

To start off, I am 20 and a student at the University of New Hampshire. If I were to say my major, I would have to change it everyday, because I am never quite sure what my major is at one moment to the next. I started off undeclared, then did international affairs, then added on biology and psychology, and just today, yes today, I decided to do neuroscience (it is a new major this year!). Choosing my major is so difficult because I have no idea what I want to do. 

  My strongest belief is that everything happens for a reason, and therefore everything will work out on its own. Because of this theory, I tend to not have many long term worries (ask anyone who is close though and they will say I have lots and lots of short term worries), but realistically in the back of my head, I know it will work out, and I will end up where I should end up. But, I do think about every little thing in between. Does this still count as not worrying?

It is currently summer, and I am taking Organic Chemistry. ICK! actually,  I really enjoy it though, which may make me sick, or inhumane, or just a creature, but I really do like it, understand it and look forward to it. Perhaps it is because it comes easy to me, or because I really just love learning, I am not sure. Last summer, I spent the summer nannying on a boat, and working as a boathand. I could write about 20 books on that experience, and probably will some day.

I think this blog goal is to work through my thoughts, to visually put it on to paper, and maybe through doing that I will be able to see my end goal in life. Maybe help other’s see theirs.

For now, I am just a 20 year old girl (stuck at this awful age!), living in Newport, RI for the summer, and trying to figure out where I should be going with my life. It honestly is a very scary thing when you think about it. However, in the end, it really truly always works out. This philosphy and stress free thinking method has helped me live very happily the past 2 years, and has made me the luckiest person ever.

I suppose the take home message of this entry is to just live life, and know that it will work out. In times of worry, in times of fear, it is unmotivating to acknowledge that everything happens for a reason, however, that is the bare truth to all matters, and knowing this will help one see the brightness and know that better days are to come, and that every individual is a survivor, and is a warrior. It is just a matter of choice.

You choose what your thoughts are. You choose how you react to things. You choose your future. Make it yours, and be proud ofi t.


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